Sewing patterns on the Internet for Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Shelly/Kelly

Free Patterns for Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Shelly/Kelly, etc. in English:

Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Fashion Dolls Barbie and Tyler Wentworth, link:

Miss B. Couture – Free Sewing Patterns for Barbie & Ken (note: Here, there are some interesting Barbie hat patterns. Pages are also in French):

3 free Barbie long gowns (Angel, Cinderella & Court Gown):  Here, there also seem to be many more fantasy figure for Barbie and Ken patterns from the same maker at:, and  pictures of these can be found at: Instructions are in the Czech language as well as in English.

Free summer gloves pattern for Barbie:

Free Barbie apron patterns:  Note: Some of the aprons can be adapted to nurse or nurse’s aide clothing

Panty hose/tights & leggings for Barbie:

Quick & Easy Barbie patterns (dress, pants, top):

Vintage Barbie Doll Dress & Tutorial:

Barbie Gathered Skirt, Shirt and Slacks Patterns:, and

Barbie Short Pyjamas Pattern:

Many free Barbie sewing and knitting patterns:

Free Barbie knitting patterns from Lion Brand Yarn (requires registration):

2 free Barbie gala dress knitting patterns (requires registration):

Barbie Evening Tube Dress:

Barbie Basic Knit Patterns: and Here, there are patterns for, e.g., a sparkling gown, baseball cap, beret, jumpsuit, pleated look dress, overalls, open back summer dress, knit country dress & jacket, fur-trimmed hooded jacket, fur-trimmed jacket, socks. Can be viewed as single patterns from:  

Barbie Winter Clothes:

Barbie Ragg Hiking Socks (knit): (and from here at:, there are links to: Lacy Evening Dress:, Rainbow Dress: and Tube Dress for Barbie:

Barbie Vintage Long Knit Coat:

Free knitting patterns for clothes for Barbie and other 11 inch fashion dolls. Bikini Swim Suit, Cable Skirt, Cardigan Sweater, Halloween Witch Outfit, Heart Bag, Pleated Skirt, Shrug at:

Barbie Sleeveless Shirt, Skirt & Handbag set:

Barbie Sleeveless Shirt, Skirt, Hat & Handbag for a cruise:

Free Knitting Patterns for Barbie:

Free Vintage Knitting: 15 patterns for Barbie, 7 for Ken: (see also:

1000 Knitting Patterns for Barbie, Shelly (or Kelly, as she is known in countries whose languages do not have the “sh” sound), Ken, Bratz, etc.: In Swedish, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish. Here, the following patterns are interesting for Shelly (also known as Kelly in some countries whose languages do not have the “sh” sound): 654 (armless turtleneck top and pants), 655 (strapless dress and hat with brim), 659 (shorts and strapless top), 661 (dress with bodice/arm ruffle), 881 (long-sleeved white or Lucia dress), 885 (Santa’s Elf clothing, with long armed jacket)

Kelly Doll Patterns:

Here, there is a set of knit pants and a long-sleeved sweater.

Kelly knit dress pattern:

Kelly Hat, Scarf and Drawstring Shoulder Bag Set:

Kelly Victorian-Style Croched Outfit with Muff:

Kelly Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse to crochet:

Socks pattern for Ken:

Knit Patterns for Ken:


Free Patterns for Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Shelly/Kelly, etc. in Danish from the Danish woman’s magazine Familiejournalen:

See:, site includes:

a)      Sy og strik til Barbie og Ken (1995) – English translation: ”Sew and knit for Barbie & Ken”:

b)      Norden rundt med Barbie og Ken (1996) – English translation: ”Nordic country costumes for Barbie and Ken”:

c)      NisseBarbie og Nisse Ken (1996) – English translation: “Santa’s Elves Clothing for Barbie and Ken”:

d)     Barbie i festtøj til jul og nytår (1995) – English translation: ”Barbie in gala attire for Christmas and New Year’s”:

e)      “Kongeligt tøj” (1997) – English translation: “Royal clothing”, i.e. Barbie and Ken doll pattern imitation of gala and everyday clothing worn by H.R.H. Prince Joachim of Denmark and his then wife Princess Alexandra (After their divorce and both parties having remarried, her new title is Countess Alexandra.):

f)       Barbie i Aerobictøj (1998) – English Translation: ”Barbie in an aerobics set”:

g)      Sy og strik til Barbie (2002) – English Translation: ”Sew and knit for Barbie”:

Vintertøj til Barbie (1996) – English translation: ”Winter Clothes for Barbie”:


Free Patterns in German for Barbie and Ken:

„Carole + Sissi“, i.e. 2 long ballroom “Cinderella” dress, sewn:

Bride’s Dress, sewn:

“Little Mermaid” Tail for Barbie, sewn:

Site in German with a lot of Barbie related clothes to sew, knit or croche at: Also some Barbie furniture –making instructions are found here. Examples:


Some free, some patterns for purchase at:

Other languages:

Dutch Barbie dress: Pattern available after registration.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sandy jones on August 9, 2013 at 11:16 PM

    thanks for the non-english patterns. although I can’t read the directions, I’ve sewn many outfits and hope I can muddle through. the Danish ‘royal clothing’ dress looks complicated but do-able.

    I’m very glad you’ve listed the molendrix pattern page and I hope many others will use them. I’ve taken those patterns apart and re-assembled them into so many different outfits! just remember to add seam allownces. I always make them just a little larger anyway so I can custom tailor each outfit to a specific doll.

    I haven’t been able lately to do any sewing because I was just diagnosed with macular degeneration and cataracts, and the cataracts make sewing small things very difficult. I hope I can have surgery in the near future, so I am still collecting patterns!

    I contue to hope that someone will put up a good dress shirt/jacket pattern and tutorial for slightly larger dolls like GI Joe. I got a good Ken shirt from Niel’s doll room a couple of years ago, but apparently he’s taken down the website and now has a mini-figure blog. I’m really sorry he didn’t continue with his great tutorials on making shoes/boots and clothing. a very talented guy.

    anyway, thanks again for your time and effort in finding all these great sites. and, please, if you find any place that translates into english could you mention that as well?


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